Experiences Building Character - A Poem


Challenges cause confrontation. 

Confrontation leaves us vulnerable.

Vulnerability is hard.

Vulnerability requires strength.

But with strength, there is courage.

With courage comes action.

Action creates wisdom.

Wisdom to know when to fight, or release.

Trust the process, always think.

Relinquish or keep.   

Know yourself, weep.

Feel the emotions, they run deep.

Piercing the core with an orgasmic encore.

The sultry chemicals of emotion take over the body.


Learn the tools, regulate. 

Heal the holes that weigh your down.

Feel your roots, feel the ground.

You are the universe.

Look all around.

Great one, lead the way.

Your greatness is yours.

In whatever fashion you adorn.

Need not be scared.

You’re more than prepared.

You’ve built your character. `

Your bones are integrity. 

Your heart is compassion.

Your muscles are grit. 

Breathe in the magic.

Breathe baby breathe.

The longing and the awe.

The pleasure and the sin.

You know, I can see you grin.

There is no shame.

You write your next verse.

You’re in control, no reverse.


Aho. Amen. 

Megan Wren


p.s. next week I'll be dissecting the poem and it's meaning - stay tuned for when the next blog drops!

Megan Wren is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Expert, Poet & Author passionate about helping others become stronger, happier, and healthier. You can find her on instagram at @itsmeganwren



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