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4 Steps to Modernize the YOLO Mindset

YOLO. You only live once! We've all said it! The saying implies: "Do whatever you want! Life is short! Go for it!" While YOLO can be extremely fun and satisfying in the moment, like the time you decided to stick your head out the sunroof going 95 miles per hour on the freeway... YOLO. That felt great. You were living in the moment sucking up all the adrenaline! However, as we get older and time goes on we realize that we want to live a little more conservative, take fewer risks, and stay safe sometimes to the point where we never get out of the comfort zone paralyzed by the potential risks.

However, a well thought out, well calculated, feel the fear and do it anyway "just go for it" approach can be a huge asset in your life.

I really wanted to somehow say that I can be quite conservative sometimes but the truth is, I've always been a rule pusher having a YOLO mindset starting all the parties wherever I went, especially in my late teens/early 20's. I also got myself into trouble...

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Recap: Accessing Intuition Workshop with Paul Chek

(a photo of me and Paul Chek from the workshop I took with him back in 2022)

"trust the intuition put the key ignition, stay aligned with the mission”

Finally! It feels good to have to space to sit down and write for you all, its been awhile! In this blog post, I’ll recap some of the key takeaways I learned from the Accessing Intuition Workshop I took with Paul and Angie Chek at the beginning of November. (Side note: can you believe it’s almost December?!)

I first became fascinated with intuition back in college where I had some profound spiritual experiences through meditation. I had experiences where I was out of my body, and intense visuals and colors coming through. One of the first ways that I learned about my experiences, energy systems, sacred geometry, and different levels our energy field contains was through a YouTube channel called Spirit Science back in 2014. Then in 2015, when I moved to California and started practicing yoga I was introduced to a...

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