Manifesting Change: Letting Go to Bring In

mindset & motivation Jun 08, 2023

For those of you who have been following my newsletter and blog for awhile know that these past few months have been pivotal in my human revolution. I’ve dug deep into my limiting beliefs and my psyche alone and with guides to help me along my path. I’ve really cleared my mind and still continue to do so, but the other thing I have done especially more recently, is clear my body and my physical space.

Years ago I read the book Clear Your Clutter with Fung Shui by Karen Kingston. This book teaches you how to “free yourself from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter forever”. My neighbor came home a few weeks ago from a long trip and started cleaning the clutter and moving around furniture and talked about how her space felt so much better and she seemed happier which reminded me of this book.

So guess what I did? I organized my closets, moved around and or got new furniture, cleaned my scratched walls, and donated clothes.

I made space for new energy to come into my life. It felt soooo good!

Then, I recently read another book called The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment. In this book, she suggests getting all of your doctor check ups, teeth cleaned, etc to make space in your body, clear out the energy that isn’t serving you in your physical body.

I went and got my teeth cleaned and some maintenance that needed done.

I cleared my mind by becoming more consistent with my meditation practice and religious studies.

I started aligning with my souls deepest desires and became more confident in expressing my truths.

And physically through meditation, I became clear on the foods that weren’t serving my body and cut them out. I stopped drinking coffee, suddenly lost my desire for sugar, and started prioritizing eating more vegetables. My energy for exercise has increased and I’m overall a lot happier.

The other results?

  • My income keeps growing and the opportunities to make more money keep presenting themselves.
  • I’ve created space and put in the effort to find a beautiful community in LA of like-minded individuals.
  • I’ve gone on dates that are way more in alignment with my true nature and I feel comfortable being myself.
  • More opportunities for my spiritual and personal development keep showing up.

It’s crazy in such a short amount of time that my life could drastically change for the better. I really have to give the credit to the work I’ve done creating space not only in my physical body and space, but also my mind, and choosing to let go of difficult emotions.

Through the struggles I had over the past few months with finding myself again and going through a difficult breakup, I always kept the mentality that I would get through it and I will only be stronger. The character building sh*t….gotta love it! Clearing the clutter of my mind, body, and space felt like a breath of fresh air that opened my heart to bring in the things I’ve been searching for.

So my friend, where can you begin to pick up the pieces of your spirit you’ve left scattered around over the decades or your home? What do you need to move around in your home that just isn’t flowing with you any more? What furniture is bogging you down and not bringing you joy? What are you holding onto in your physical space that you need to let go of? What can you get rid of? What events are still weighing down your emotional body? Have you taken intentional steps to let them go and breath them out? What are you resisting?

Remember, we have to let go in order to bring in.

Take an inventory of your life and decide what you have to say no to in order to say yes to the joy that you so very much deserve.

Love you all.

 Megan Wren



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