How to Cultivate a Mindshift to Enhance Your Quality of Life and Reach Your Goals

mindset & motivation May 25, 2023

I woke up the other day with a fresh perspective in a state of peace and awe. I was so clear, neutral. I wasn’t overly happy, or unmotivated for my day. It was a feeling of calmness, appreciation, and alignment with the rhythm of the universe. To me, this was an incredible break through. It was an acknowledgment or payoff from all the work I've done behind the scenes the past few months. In this moment, I could feel that my struggles were behind me, even if just for a moment.

I'll show you how I got to this point of radical clarity and how you can apply the same strategy to reach your goals and get there too. 

When I took that breath of fresh air, I could feel that my current challenges were about to be behind me. Not because they had disappeared, but because I internally felt the shift of choosing to adapt and change my way of thinking.

Reflecting on this mind shift, I realized I had been resisting the flow of life in many different areas. I resisted myself, my routine, my desires, and my goals. I rejected and slandered myself for no good reason and scouted for flaws nonstop.

Too messy. Not successful enough. Bashful. Stupid. Wrong.


Enough already Meg! That's no way to live.

I realized my life no longer fits the paradigm of thinking I’ve been carrying for the last, I don’t know…decade! The thinking processes of the past helped me become who I am now, but no longer fits. I resisted this change in my thinking for fear of what the unknown holds. 

No wonder I kept hitting walls in the background. I mean, how could I possibly make progress on anything thinking nothing I do is ever good enough?

“The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life” - A.R. Bernard

While this change in thinking seemed to overnight, it sure as heck did not. 

Here are the top 3 things I think contributed to this breakthrough most:

  1. A desire to be happier and have more clarity
  2. Consistent seeking out and engaging in practices to enhance clarity
  3. Having faith that I can overcome anything

A desire to be happier and have more clarity

In order to make a change, or a shift in consciousness, we have to want to change. We have to have a burning desire to change our path, and know that change is possible. Any outcome is possible given at any moment in time. In Buddhism they call this the 3,000 realms in any single moment. Anything is possible including your happiness.

Your desire to be happier is the seed of the fruit taking action will bear down the road.

Seeking out and engaging in practices to enhance clarity

See out and engage. Learn and apply.

A Dale Carnegie quote I love is “Knowledge isn't power until it is applied.”.

We could read all of the self help books in the world but if we don't apply what we learn, then we just wasted our time. But as we have the burning desire to change, that fuels our spirits with the motivation to discipline ourselves, take action, and create change. Whether it’s how to optimize time, get fit, or be a better human, we must take action towards our desired outcomes. Fitness is a perfect example of this. We can wish and pray and hope that we’re going to lose 10lbs or have the best thighs on Rodeo Drive, but if we aren’t actively working towards it…how the heck is it going to happen?? You can’t wish a 6 pack into existence or else we’d all have one. Progress/change requires discipline, making sacrifices, and getting out of the comfort zone.

Having faith that I can overcome anything

I love the Buddhist view of faith because faith isn’t about believing in the Buddha or some power outside of ourselves. Buddhism teaches to have faith and believe in ourselves and that at any given moment, we can tap into our inner wisdom aka our inner Buddha, to solve or overcome any challenge we face.

Even as I struggled through fixing my troubled thinking patterns over the past few months, I knew I would be okay, that this would pass, and I will reach my goals. My goals just required a mindshift. I have more confidence in myself than ever and my surroundings and situations are reflecting that. You got this! 

In conclusion

 How has your quality of thinking impacted your life? Your relationships? Are you in right thinking? How is your self talk? What kind of shift and thinking will help improve your life state?

Have faith in yourself. Trust that you are capable and strong enough to overcome obstacles. Trust that you will achieve your goals. Stick with it. Keep taking action. Try new things. Learn. Tiny tweaks, day by day. All the work you do will pay off. You will have your breakthrough, trust me. Consistency is key. Trust yourself. 

All my love,




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