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Struggle with body image? Learn to love yourself inside and out by getting to know your body.

Hey there! This blog is about cultivating self love and acceptance on the inside and out. The first part is about learning how to trust your intuition, and how to sense your inner truth through your body. The second part is about the practice I use to cultivate a better sense of love for my body and create a more positive body image. We an start to love our bodies by getting to know our bodies. In fact, 73% of American's don't know how they body works. 

I did some research on body positivity statistics and found incredible results. There was a survey I found where 97% of women had some sort of body image issue and another study that showed the majority of girls and teenagers are concerned about losing weight or dissatisfied with their bodies and 45% of teenagers want some kind of cosmetic surgery.

 That is just so sickening and sad to me, but sadly I am one of those statistics. I’ve always been a bigger person. As a kid I was always a foot taller than my...

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