Recap: Accessing Intuition Workshop with Paul Chek

(a photo of me and Paul Chek from the workshop I took with him back in 2022)

"trust the intuition put the key ignition, stay aligned with the mission”

Finally! It feels good to have to space to sit down and write for you all, its been awhile! In this blog post, I’ll recap some of the key takeaways I learned from the Accessing Intuition Workshop I took with Paul and Angie Chek at the beginning of November. (Side note: can you believe it’s almost December?!)

I first became fascinated with intuition back in college where I had some profound spiritual experiences through meditation. I had experiences where I was out of my body, and intense visuals and colors coming through. One of the first ways that I learned about my experiences, energy systems, sacred geometry, and different levels our energy field contains was through a YouTube channel called Spirit Science back in 2014. Then in 2015, when I moved to California and started practicing yoga I was introduced to a book called Anatomy of the Spirit which describes the 7 stages of power and healing and how to check in with and scan each of your energy systems to assess their power levels and/or their dysfunctions.

Needless to stay, I’ve been tapped into learning about intuition and the metaphysical realm for quite some time quietly developing my psychic and intuitive abilities in the background. In the 10+ years I’ve been working as a personal trainer, I’ve come to be quite good at reading peoples body language and understanding the types of emotional challenges clients were facing based upon the way they held their body or experienced physical pain. Apparently 2015 was pretty significant because that is also when I was also introduced to Paul Chek from my old boss who gave me a copy of Paul's book How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy. This book really changed my life and was so validating for my belief systems because the book takes a completely well rounded approach to health and wellness, looking at health in a 360 view - body mind, and spirit - and bridged a gap between spirituality and science which has always been apart of my mission and purpose.

So, following Paul Chek and taking many courses from the CHEK Institute over the years, you can imagine how grateful I am to have the opportunity take courses with him in person right here in Southern California. I’ve been planning the launch of my free intuition training program for weeks, and when I saw Paul announce the Accessing Intuition 2 Day workshop, I hopped right on it! I knew this would be the catalyst to get me even more excited about the launch!   

Anyway, below are the main takeaways I had from this workshop. Day one was theory, education, and study. Day two consisted of practices to strengthen intuition.

Day One: Education and Theory from Paul (11/3/23)

  1. Your intuition is your highest self guiding you
  2. Your intuition is how your soul communicates to you
  3. Your soul experiences spirit, and spirit is the flow of energy (love)
  4. Your intuition accesses spirit to give you information and guidance
  5. Intuition only works within the confines of your belief system. If you aren’t ready to hear the truth or are clouded with mental fog due to poor health and poor habits, your intuition won’t be as clear.
  6. Judgement blocks intuition. When you judge another, you are also judging yourself and judging God.
  7. When it comes to deciphering if you should trust the messages you are hearing from your intuition, the result shouldn’t make you feel good, it should make you feel whole.
  8. Matter is spirit slowing down enough for us to interact with it.

Leaving the workshop after day one made me realize how unaware most of us are to the infinite intelligence that we have access to. We are literally brainwashed by fast and easy things, technology, and TV that take us away from the capacity to, and distracts us from listening to our highest self. The other thing that stuck out for me was the judgement piece. I think I judge a lot but I also accept people for who they are. And when Paul said “to judge another is to judge yourself and to judge God” that really stuck. Paul taught us that literally every single thing is God experiencing itself (point number 8). We are God experiencing itself, and as we talk to another person, we are all the same energy in different form getting to know ourselves through other people, places, and things. This made a lot of sense for me and helped me to see others in a different light. Recognizing the divinity within each and every single person and not judging is a great challenge, but can be easy if we look at one another as an expression of ourselves and of God (or the universe, or whatever you want to call it).

To judge another is to judge oneself. That one just hits hard for me!

The other point I really enjoyed was that our ego and belief systems filter our intuition. This extends to the quality of our thinking, and the health of our body. Our intuition will be blocked or not as strong if we hold onto beliefs systems that are not of truth or pure love. I suppose this is why the journey of health and wellness and spiritual growth and maturity is a lifelong process. 

Day Two: Intuition Practices with Angie Chek (11/4/23)

Day two was mostly led by Angie, Paul’s wife who is a Senior CHEK Faculty (she teaches the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program), a nutritionist, and a highly skilled shaman. The day consisted of mostly “games” that are exercises and practices to hone your intuitive abilities. For the record, there are MANY different types of intuition from empathy and clairvoyance, to divination and hands on healing (another post sometime).

We did exercises to guess what color crayons were by the way they felt in our hands with our eyes closed, holding an envelope to guess what was inside by picking up on the energy of the object, and picking up on insights about others by holding a piece of their jewelry. We learned how to intuit characteristics of deceased pets and and people by holding their photo. Everyone has different strengths in their intuitive abilities. Some people were good at intuiting what's inside boxes and feeling colors, others were better at picking up on the energy and insights. I'm way stronger with picking up on people's energy field by holding objects and being in their space than guessing colors. It's important to note we all have these intuitive abilities and the capacity to be strong in all of them its just a matter of practice! 

Intuition is something we are all born with, its a survival skill we all have, we just have to practice with it and develop it. 

All in all, the workshop was incredibly affirming to some of the things I knew about myself but wasn’t confident in because I thought it was just me, or I was crazy, or it wasn’t normal for having these thoughts and insights. It was great to finally have a teacher explain some of my experiences, help me further develop my intuition, and be around a group of 30 others who were learning the same thing.

I definite won’t be going this deep, but I am excited to share and announce a free intuition training on December 2nd, where I will teach you how to tap into your intuition/inner wisdom to overcome fear of expressing yourself and trust your gut! I'll be teaching you how to feel the subtle energy in your body so that you can start to trust the wisdom and insights its giving you!

You can sign up for the free training by clicking here —>

I will look forward to seeing you then!

All my love,

Megan Wren 


Megan Wren is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Expert, Poet, Author, and Multimedia Performing Artist. You can find her on instagram at @itsmeganwren 




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