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Recap: Accessing Intuition Workshop with Paul Chek

(a photo of me and Paul Chek from the workshop I took with him back in 2022)

"trust the intuition put the key ignition, stay aligned with the mission”

Finally! It feels good to have to space to sit down and write for you all, its been awhile! In this blog post, I’ll recap some of the key takeaways I learned from the Accessing Intuition Workshop I took with Paul and Angie Chek at the beginning of November. (Side note: can you believe it’s almost December?!)

I first became fascinated with intuition back in college where I had some profound spiritual experiences through meditation. I had experiences where I was out of my body, and intense visuals and colors coming through. One of the first ways that I learned about my experiences, energy systems, sacred geometry, and different levels our energy field contains was through a YouTube channel called Spirit Science back in 2014. Then in 2015, when I moved to California and started practicing yoga I was introduced to a...

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A compassionate breakthrough

I had another break through a few days ago, they seem to be coming more frequently these days I’ve been trying so sososo hard to relax and calm my nervous system down, to minimize my anxiety, and to create a more balanced work/life schedule.

As many of the people in my close circle know, I’ve been struggling with anxiety more than ever the past month or so waking up in a panic every day. After reflection, I think this is the state that I have been in for a long time but just wasn’t aware of it until recently. 

I was waking up, heartbeat fast breathing heavy, anticipating a fire I would have to put out, a call to jump on, or an unpleasant email that I need to respond to. I’ve been so used to literally jumping out of bed and immediately working. This is how I’ve been operating since at least 2015.

I knew this wasn’t healthy, so I sought out help. For the past four months, I have been working with an energy coach who has been helping me become...

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Poetry, racism, health, and America. A review of "Dear James" a play by Anthony "da Boogie Man" Rucker

As you know, health and wellness covers all aspects of our life. Our emotional, mental, and spiritual health are just as important as our physical health if not preceding our physical health. Why? Emotions are reactions to a stimulus that cause a response in our body due of chemical change (emotion) from the trigger.

Example: someone cuts you off (stimulus) you get angry (response) your face gets hot and you feel irritated in your body (reaction). Make sense?

All emotions produce chemical reactions in the body. Being happy produces dopamine, epinephrine, and oxytocin which are the feel good hormones or chemical messengers in our body that reduce stress and well, help us feel good!!

Anger triggers the release of cortisol and adrenaline which stimulates our flight or flight response making us feel anxious, alert and well…stressed! If you remember from last weeks blog, cortisol is a stress hormone that causes inflammation, keeps us alert and tells...

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There’s nothing more important than this

health and wellness Jul 21, 2023


If you struggle with stress or have had a hard time losing weight, then you will enjoy this read. 

Sleep is hands down the most important aspect to your health and wellness. According to the CDC and the National Institute of Health, only 2 out of every 3 adults get enough sleep on a regular basis. That means that 33% of the population is sleep deprived and I am sure that you have been apart of that statistic at some point in your life if you aren’t currently.

If you have a hard time getting through the day without caffeine or stimulants, have constant high stress, or are having trouble losing fat, sleep may solve a lot of your struggles. 

If you been out late into the wee hours of the night and have had a hard time sticking with a consistent sleep routine due to the nature of your lifestyle...honing in on your sleep habits could help you feel energized and inspired more than ever. 

So, here's a little education on sleep. 

Even though we live in...

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