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Self Love and Acceptance

"I am free

More comfortable being me

Able to do whatever I please

My mess, or my cleanliness

The silence or the sound

I am feeling good

All around"

- pg 44 BLOOM

I wrote this poem back in late 2019. I remember writing it sitting on my couch in my new apartment with the lights low, sipping a glass of wine. I was all alone for the very first time, and even though my life was incredibly hectic, for a brief moment I felt so peaceful. It was liberating sitting there by myself literally able to do what I want. That moment was one of the first times I ever sensed freedom, the first time in a long time no one was telling me what to do or how to be. No pressure from work or partners. A moment of peace I’ll always remember.

Peace and presence is important. 

I hate that I keep talking about it, but I’m still working through the past few years. I’ve turned a corner, but the lessons still keep coming. When I moved to California back in 2015 I immediately started...

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